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Queues form outside supermarkets and liquor shops in West Auckland

Josephine Franks Reporter from Western Leader

Kia ora neighbours, supermarkets are urging calm as queues build.

In West Auckland, queues of people were already outside West Liquor outlets before their usual opening time of 10am.

Trusts chief executive Allan Pollard said all West Liquour outlets would continue to sell RTDs and spirits in level three, but purchases would be limited.

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Register now for Kerikeri Half Marathon

The Team from Cancer Society Auckland

Get involved in running the Half Marathon while enjoying the stunning countryside. The 21.1km course is mostly downhill starting in Okaihau and finishing in the Kerikeri Domain. This is a great community event for all experience levels running the 5K or 10K to your first half on Saturday, 21 November.

All funds you raise go towards supporting cancer patients and their whānau.
Register now

8 hours ago

💢Daylight Savings Time Chore Checklist💢

Fiona from Henderson

We hate them but we all know that have to be done ... argh!!!
Maybe we can contribute to the economy and pay someone to do the chores for us ... there's a thought😄

🕑Change the batteries in ALL of your smoke alarms
🕑Refresh your emergency kits - make sure items are up to date e.g. tin goods, water, batteries etc ...
🕑Rotate the items in your pantry, fridge and medicine cabinet for expired products.
🕑Deep clean any outdoor patio furniture or pillows that may have been outdoors or stored during winter.
🕑Deep clean on your appliances. Pull out your fridge, stove, dryer and washer and clean vents, filters, and dust.
🕑Run a deep clean cycle in your dishwasher - either purchase a cleaner or just run an empty cycle on your hottest settings (Baking soda and vinegar are perfect to use here on this hot cleaning cycle). Clean your filter per manufacturer's suggestions. Be sure to clean those gaskets, too!
🕑Clean your oven. Keeping build-up of old food spills cleaned out of your oven helps make it run more efficiently.
🕑Clean the filter in your exhaust fan/hood. I simply soak mine in hot, soapy water + vinegar then I gently scrub with a soft brush if needed.
🕑Defrost, rotate and clean out your freezer. Be sure to vacuum out the vent to ensure quality airflow.
🕑Deep clean the drawers, shelves, and gaskets of your fridge.
🕑Deep clean the lint trap in your dryer and washer (newer washers have traps to clean, too) not just the screen, but down in the machine, and pull off the hose to shake out any residual lint build up. If you are unsure how to do this, Google is your friend or if you kept the manufacturer's manual, refer to that.
🕑Check everything fireplace related. Doing a visual check of fireplace will help against accidental fires or malfunction. Clean out filters, check for blocked flues, call for service if it's been a year, etc…
🕑Clear out the gutters, repairing any broken roof tiles and guttering that may have occurred during winter. I personally do this twice a year – at the end of winter and the end of summer. Doing this prevents all kind of nasties from occurring i.e. bird’s nests, grass suddenly appearing from the seeds that the birds have found around the neighbourhood, leaves from trees.
🕑Change any air conditioning unit or HRV unit filters.
🕑Rotating, flip and Vacuum a mattress. Rotating and flipping a mattress can help further the useful life of your mattress. Modern mattresses are a little harder to flip, but at least rotating can help give you a longer shot at not developing the deep valley rift between you and your partner.
Vacuuming monthly is suggested for maintenance to remove dead skin and other icky things we just don't really want to talk about. But try doing this at least semi-annually if you haven't done so before.
🕑Rotate your tyres (if you already haven't done so) also, make sure that you have the correct tyre pressure. If you are unsure as to how to do it, just anyone at the air pressure station, most people are more than willing to teach you to do it or even do it for you.
🕑Organise your wardrobe. This is a good time to rotate, clean, and inventory your seasonal clothing. Put away out of season clothes and hang out linens to refresh for the new season.
🕑And last by no means least, to see that glorious sunshine, you will need to clean the windows inside and out. It will give you a change to remove any mildew that may have formed around the window frames. This is a good time to also inspect for seals, weatherproofing, weather stripping on doors, too!

Have fun and even even more fun if you can delegate half of these chores 😄😄

9 hours ago

💥⏰Daylight savings time⏰💥

Fiona from Henderson

It's that time ladies and Gentlemen, that time of the year when we can enjoy the outdoors so much more & when everything seems so much better - DAYLIGHT SAVINGS!
Don't forget to put your clocks forward one hour tonight before going to bed.
Here is a guide to putting your clocks forward (all tongue in cheek of course):
1. Smartphone - leave it alone - it's magic, it does it all by myself with help form the cell phone genies😲
2. Sundial - move your house slightly to the right🙃
3. Oven/microwave - you will need one of the following: a) a degree in electrical engineering or b) a hammer😳
4. Car radio - not worth it. Leave it for a 6 months🙄