165 days ago

Reaching Out

Naylar Neighbourly Lead from Henderson

Reaching Out has been operating for over 4 years going into 5 years this year. Reaching out started out by a family of four who also didn't have much themselves but in their own journey wanted to help those going through similar situation.

in the last four years we have helped families who were about to be homeless because of the state of their home, we then were called to come in and help clean up the property and provide the family with food and clothing parcels, which we called serve a family.

we have been running feeding the community, which we cook meals, provide cold & hot drinks, collect clothes, shoes any reusable items and give them out on the days we do our feeding the community running once a month.

Blanket run is another we run during winter, we will send out notifications to the community for blankets and warm clothing and we then give it out to on our blanket run in Auckland CBD.

Street clean up, we net work with other amazing community group and we aim to bring our community back to look after our community by cleaning our streets.

-Xmas Gifts for children.
-food parcel runs

we need running costs for our vehicle when we pick up good for families need furniture, we need petrol. it may have started of been funded by my husbands income but the need has become even bigger that we need to start applying for funding.

we have seen a lot of good changes since starting Reaching Out and we want to keep going.

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13 hours ago

Poll: What is the top issue you want the local council to focus on?

The team from Neighbourly.co.nz

The local elections are a great opportunity to decide on who we want to represent our communities over the next three years. With elections just around the corner, this is a good time to pinpoint the issues that affect you and are important to you.

Being clear on this is a first step in knowing what you want your local councillors to support or who to vote for. What are the issues you want your next local council to focus on?

What is the top issue you want the local council to focus on?
  • 22.2% Rates
    22.2% Complete
  • 18.2% Housing
    18.2% Complete
  • 11.3% Roads
    11.3% Complete
  • 15.3% Public transport
    15.3% Complete
  • 3.3% Water
    3.3% Complete
  • 4.9% Waste
    4.9% Complete
  • 9.5% Climate + environment
    9.5% Complete
  • 10.2% Infrastructure
    10.2% Complete
  • 5.1% Local facilities (like parks and libraries)
    5.1% Complete
451 votes
10 hours ago

Accomodation needed for mature couple with 2 mature dogs

Linda from Henderson

We basically have 1 month left to find somewhere to live with our 2 mature medium sized dogs and two cats due to the insulation laws.
We would consider commercial office or warehouse space as long as it has a bathroom at least if we cannot find a house situation for around $450 a week, we have our own furniture

4 hours ago

An eye opener.....

Kusal from Glen Eden

So here's an eye opener....finished lunch, but didn't finish the plate since food was too oily at Henderson mall. This early 20's kid came to me and asked for change, I refused for obvious reasons.Then next he asked for my LEFT OVERS on the plate so he can have something to eat!!!!!......Man what in the actual ....!!! The regret I felt for that young man went to the core. Imagine his self respect,in his youth,his future,his friends......
Straight up, what I saw was that we have failed as a whole to take care of each other, failure of politicians and governments,failure in making a better future for the younger generation or any other generation for that matter😔
And of course this is why we should NEVER throw away food. Here's a good reason for myself and everyone else to remember!!!

Someone please point me towards where I can be a help to people that's struggling to find ends meet or to have a meal or where we can help the up and coming generations.