36 days ago

Dessert of the day - Swiss Meringue drops

New Zealand School of Food & Wine

Swiss Meringue drops made with Italian meringue two ways - Classic & Beetroot infused presented on a shortbread crust with tempered chocolate drizzling down each meringue, delicioussssss!

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2 days ago

What's your experience with pre-fabricated homes?

Kelly Dennett Reporter from Sunday Star Times

The Sunday Star-Times is looking into the rise of transportable/ kit-set/ pre fabricated homes. The upsides are build-efficiency, quality of design, and cost. The downsides appear to be land supply, red-tape with council and difficulty getting lending from banks. If you're willing to share your experience - good or bad - email kelly.dennett@stuff.co.nz, otherwise leave a comment. Is there an aspect of transportable housing you'd like us to enquire about for you?

2 hours ago

Police issue warning about gang motorbike ride

Caryn Wilkinson Reporter from Community News

Police are alerting residents about a Hells Angels Nomads motorbike cavalcade on Saturday in the North Shore and Rodney districts.

They are urging people who see dangerous driving to note registration numbers and film the behaviour if possible.

Inspector Simon Walker from Waitemata police said previous events of this nature had raised community concerns over unsafe driving behaviour.

Police will be actively monitoring this event to ensure that it is conducted in a safe manner, Walker said.

Officers would vigorously investigate and prosecute people who committed offences or placed others at risk, he said.

Call 105 to report any reckless driving.

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1 day ago

We Say/You Say: Coastal Erosion

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

Hi Auckland,

How worried are you about coastal erosion in Auckland?

Auckland's shoreline could recede by 200m by 2130 if little to no action on climate change is taken.

The report, titled "Predicting Auckland's exposure to coastal instability and erosion", details the impacts this will have on communities the Auckland region.

Sea level rise is notoriously difficult for scientists to follow and this has meant coastal erosion rates have been difficult to predict.

New Zealand's sea levels have risen an average 1.67mm per year since 1989, but the Ministry of Environment says this will accelerate if little action is taken on climate change.

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