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Pandemic adds thousands to cost of girl's surgery in US

Caroline Williams Reporter from North Shore Times

Hi neighbours. A North Shore family preparing to take their daughter for surgery in the United States are facing a raft of expensive, coronavirus-related hurdles.

Four-year-old Lydia Golding, from Hauraki, was born with proximal femoral focal deficiency (PFFD), a condition which left her with an unformed hip and shortened femur. By maturity, the difference in height is expected to reach about 24cm.

Determined to make their daughter’s dream of walking on two feet come true, parents Hamish and Lauren Golding have remortgaged their home to help pay for bone-lengthening surgery in Florida, which will cost them $340,000 NZD.

However, the coronavirus pandemic has made an already daunting trip even more scary and expensive.

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What's On: Black Grace presents '3 Dances'

Nicolette from Auckland Central

Beautifully poetic with unrelenting physical power, Black Grace presents 3 Dances, choreographed by Founding Artistic Director, Neil Ieremia. Door sales only, special price $25; Tickets available 1 hour before show.
Black Grace presents '3 Dances'
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Could you be "The Namer" and find Auckland's new brand?

Todd Niall Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi Neighbours, Officially the short-list has been drawn up for a new name for the merged council agencies ATEED and RFA. But here's the criteria - see if you can do better. What would you call it? Read the story below:

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Riddle me this!

NumberWorks'nWords Birkenhead

What kinds of dogs and how many of each kind does Troy have? Leave your answer in the comments below!