80 days ago

Auckland Water problem.

Timothy from Northcote

Hi Neighbours, i have been thinking, why Auckland have a water problem? We pay for water supply and some form of sewage fee to the 1 and only water company in Auckland (a monopoly if you ask me) and yet i dont see any infrastructure growth towards our water supply given the city is growing each day. What frustrate me is, the only water company in Auckland is putting a Manatory restrictions to our usage of water. I understand and do conserve water, but i felt they are finding ways to take care of its stakeholders and shareholders and not the customer that dont have a choice to get mains water from them. Yes i can buy water from a company that delivers water to your door and fill up your tank, however thats defeating the purpose, because i need council consent to put a massive water tank on my property.
I might be wrong, and happy to be educated or just have a neighbourly banter on the issue.

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6 hours ago

Poll: Do you support a rates rise of 5 per cent in Auckland?

Caryn Wilkinson Reporter from Community News

Hi neighbours,

Aucklanders will see their rates bills soar 5 per cent to help counteract a $1 billion fall in council revenue over the next four years.

The one-off hike, up from a planned 3.5 per cent increase, will add $36 to the rates bill of an average value home before annual increases return to the previous path of 3.5 per cent rises.

The proposed increase is included in the update of Auckland Council's 10-year budget, which starts in July.

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Do you support a rates rise of 5 per cent in Auckland?
  • 9.2% Yes
    9.2% Complete
  • 87.3% No
    87.3% Complete
  • 3.6% Undecided. It's too complex.
    3.6% Complete
306 votes
2 days ago

Poll: Do you agree with the proposed congestion charge of $3.50?

Caryn Wilkinson Reporter from Community News

Drivers could be taxed $3.50 to enter the CBD during peak hour.

The congestion charge of up to $3.50 could be implemented within three years under a proposal unveiled by officials.

It is hoped a congestion charge would spur people to leave their cars behind but there are concerns those who are less well off could feel the pinch.

Do you agree with the proposed congestion charge of $3.50?
  • 20.5% Yes
    20.5% Complete
  • 71.8% No
    71.8% Complete
  • 7.7% Undecided. It's too complex.
    7.7% Complete
932 votes
2 days ago

Would you pay $3.50 to enter the CBD by car - and again to leave?

Todd Niall Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi Neighbours, The shape of a possible congestion charging scheme has become clearer today with the release of the officials' report. Would you get out of your car ? Read the story below: