52 days ago

any cash jobs in the area of cafe work, caregiving and cleaning?

Manasi from Beach Haven

Hi all
I am looking this on behalf of a lady I met at Takapuna who is in a very difficult situation financially. WINZ is giving her very little weekly support. She needs some more finances to pay for her expenses and her borther's last rites who died unexpectedly.
She is a Chef by trade and has also done care giving work and is also open for cleaning work.
Since past 6 weeks or more, she stands every week on sunday in takapuna, does some singing and relies on kind people who donate her some money, food etc.
If anyone knows of any such work opportunities, please PM me. Ideally in takapuna or close by areas, as she lives there and relies on bus as transport.
Many thanks 🙏

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5 hours ago

Can you please help me with my little dog's urgent eye operation?

Gayle from Beach Haven

Dear All
My wee girl urgently needs an eye operation and unfortunately due to being redundant and not being able to find work my funds have run low. I advertised on Neighbourly for some gardening work to earn the money to cover the costs but Neighbourly banned me from advertising as they class me as a business. I decided to set up a give a little page and would be grateful for any small donations. the link is givealittle.co.nz...
Kind regards, Gayle

6 hours ago

Crises bring swift decisions - why can't we always be that swift?

Todd Niall Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi Neighbours, Auckland's raft of crises in 2020 has resulted in some clever and quick responses. So why can't our decision-makers always be so nimble? Read the story below:

8 hours ago

What's On: Composting Basics Workshop Bayview (afternoon)

Kowhai from Birkdale

This course offers an introduction to composting basics – bokashi, worm farming and cold composting. Cost: Free. Book online: https://compostcollective.org.nz/events/composting-basics-workshop-bayview-afternoon/
Composting Basics Workshop Bayview (afternoon)