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Homegrown Kids, In Home Education/childcare.

Chris from Glenfield

Homegrown Kids Educator. Hi, my name is Chris Canty, I live in Glenfield and have spaces available for under twos and over two children. Please go to the Home Grown Kids website to see my information. If you are interested and need in home childcare/education, please contact either me on 02102928177 or Home Grown Kids | Home Based Child Care. www.homegrownkids.co.nz...

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4 hours ago

noisey neighbours

Tony from Glenfield

got a problem here around peach road.Recently there was a house rented out by a group of people and there are noisey .this person will turn up his car hifi as early as 6am or 6:15 am in the morning and sometimes at night.When you call noise control action line these ppl dont turn up for at least and hour or so.These people will talk out loudly on the phone and slam the doors.These type of people also don't really care about their neighbours.Do you this the police is interested in this kind of problem and worst to worst some of these ppl will light up the fireworks in the middle of the night and wake up all the neighbours .What should we do to these type of people.Im not going to confront them and tell them to behave.Peach road use to be a quite road until tamahere house came up now it has become a busy road cos ppl taking shortcut.Im pretty sure everyone notice the road got layed some stone chips and it is loose and sometimes when a car past it will bounces and land on your driveway.when are they going to seal the road propperly.Sweeping the road don't do anything.I had flat tyre twice that cause by there sharp stone chip.Corner of bently ave and chartwell road what took them so long to fix up the road.Notice everytime when there is a road works like these it will take months or close to a year to finish.If this would be in a city it will take only weeks.once these type of road goes to the paper it will be complete in few days.instead of a few weeks job these road workers will delay for months and months and all you can see these workers are just walking around doing nothing.One last thing I notice there is a water leak down along peach road around 72 peach road by the transformer and did anyone called water care.was leaking for weeks now

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Goff confirms proposed 3.5 rates rise and 500+ job cuts

Todd Niall Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi Neighbours, The likely shape of Auckland Council's Emergency Budget is clearer with the mayor releasing his proposal for Thursday's final debate. Has he got it right ? Read the story below.

32 minutes ago

Your dog might be older (in human years) than you realise

Stacey Reporter from Stuff

Hi neighbours,

Think you know how old your dog is? Think again.

Multiplying by seven isn't accurate, a new study says. Researchers at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine and other leading health institutions across the country have now debunked that common belief.

According to their findings, a one-year-old dog is similar to a 31-year-old human.

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