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Getting More For The Shore - Local Body Elections 2019

Danielle from Glenfield

Transport is, by far, the most pressing issue on the North Shore.
We have spoken and listened to many in the community and there is growing frustration with the lack of planning, funding and "getting things done" with transport.

The solution is more than just getting double decker buses on Onewa Road

More For The Shore is committed to making improvements to transport and this includes solutions for

• Lake Road
• Onewa Road
• Northcote and Bayswater ferry terminals
• Better Park and Ride facilities including providing and upgrading car parking facilities

More information is available on our website at morefortheshore.org.nz...

Vote Danielle Grant and Grant Gillon – More For The Shore and get better transport of the North Shore.

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Collect a bag of rubbish - and you could win prizes!


Too often we think that picking up litter is someone else’s job - but collecting rubbish is such a simple way we can help our community, the environment and our own health and wellbeing.

This is why Resene is proud to sponsor the “Walk & Collect Weekend” on December 7 and 8. Take a walk over the weekend and collect a bag of rubbish in your community - it's simple but with a collective effort can make a big difference.

It's free to participate and there are prizes to be won - including a $200 Resene Gift Card! Simply head to their event page and register your interest.
Sign up here

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Where community and staff come together

The Team from Ryman Healthcare Limited

A caring community is one that’s there for us in good times, and in our times of need. That’s the community Hoko and Glenda found at Diana Isaac Retirement Village in Christchurch.

“The staff are absolutely amazing,” explains Glenda. “They go out of their way to speak to you, to make sure you’re ok.”
Hoko and Glenda feel very fortunate for the support they received when Hoko experienced some health issues. It wasn’t just the village staff who provided support, the whole community rallied around them.
“When I got sick the community itself looked after me,” Hoko explains.
“I can’t speak highly enough of the staff here,” Glenda says.
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🕉Chair Yoga Classes 🕉

Anu from Chatswood

Chair Yoga classes for Seniors and Pregnant Ladies