31 days ago

Up to 160 jobs to go at Auckland Council

Brian from New Lynn

Auckland Council has started a restructure of back-house staff that is expected to lead to the loss of between 100 and 160 staff over the next year. Council chief executive Stephen Town said it was not a "big bang" restructure but would take place over several months. "These are real people and we will be supporting them," Town said. As well as staff losses, Town said the council will be hiring more frontline staff in the regulatory area and for new community facilities like the new library at Westgate which has created 15 new jobs. He said total council staff numbers will rise from 6548 full time equivalents at the end of the 2018-2019 financial year to between 6600 and 6700 during the current financial year.

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11 hours ago

When bags move like ballerinas

The Team from Auckland Museum

Ballerinas twist, turn and move so gracefully that they often seem other-worldly, but would you ever compare a ballerina to a bag?

In our Carried Away: Bags Unpacked exhibition, artist Isaac Katzoff’s glass bag got itself a nickname of just that: the ballerina. The nickname was given after the bag hinted at graceful movement while it was under the spotlight in the photography studio - it's inner performer was at the ready.

Although the Museum holds many objet d’art (art objects), the beautiful photography and images of the collection are themselves works of art, as this image of Katzoff's bag here is. Museum photographers work behind the scenes to create images of objects that act as both documentation and art.

As Artweek Auckland comes to a close this weekend, we wanted to showcase just one of many of the wonderful objet d'art from within our Applied Arts & Design collection.

Come and see 'the ballerina' for yourself, alongside many other wonderful works of art at Carried Away: Bags Unpacked, on now and free with Museum entry.

2 hours ago

Relianz Remittance Facts!

Relianz Group Ltd

Relianz Remittance Facts 💸

How does remittance contribute to global economy🤔?

1. The money remitted outwardly is important in changing the poverty situation in the world and helping economic activity

2. Remittance is much more efficient than International aid

3. About one in nine people globally are supported by funds sent home.

3 hours ago

Kiwi Can focuses on integrity

The Team from Graeme Dingle Foundation

Nelson Mandela’s philosophy was: “A bright future beckons! The onus is on us, through hard work, honesty and integrity, to reach for the stars.”

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