37 days ago

Would you take a clown to a redundancy meeting?

Josephine Franks Reporter from Western Leader

Hey neighbours! An Auckland man has made international headlines after bringing a "support clown" to his redundancy meeting.

We had a chat with the man behind the wig to find out what it was like being NZ's first support clown, what balloon animals he made for the bosses, and what the reaction has been like since.

How do you reckon your manager would respond?

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10 hours ago

Speed limit reductions decided today

The team from Neighbourly.co.nz

Speed reductions on around 700 Auckland roads will be decided this afternoon.

Some of the dangerous roads considered for the reductions include Dairy Flat Highway, Whitford Rd, Hobson St and Karangahape Rd.

People are divided on whether reductions should be enforced. What are your thoughts?

3 hours ago

Best Wildlife Travel Destination in the World? 🐻🐻🐻

Relianz Group Ltd

Relianz Travel Fun Fact

Best Wildlife Travel Destination in the world?

Finland has been selected by the global wildlife Travel Index announced as the best country to visit for wildlife travel adventure.
Thanks to the high levels of environmental sustainability, unique biodiversity, beautiful landscapes & conservation efforts, wildlife travel enthusiasts can find Finland to be the most accomodating home to all the local animal species as well as destination for travellers.

4 hours ago

What's On: Vegan living public meeting

Mark from Titirangi

Join Amanda Sorenson and Dr Mark Craig from the vegan society in a discussion about the importance of a plant based diet in the modern world.free vegan cheese !
Vegan living public meeting
  • Papakura library