36 days ago

Hedge service

Pori from Kelston

Hey everyone, is there anyone on here that cuts hedges? My landlord was suppose to do it but have waited for so long & everytime she comes and does house inspections, she always says they will get on to it, but to this day it continues to grow & grow taking up most my back yard lol.

Please comment below prices etc & il definitley get back (:

Thank You!!!

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11 minutes ago

Can't Sleep properly? Ways To Help You Sleep Better

Beds 4 U Avondale

We all are inundated with a lot of work and when we go back home we strongly desire a peaceful and uninterrupted sleep, but for many reasons, we don’t achieve it and then the question arises “Why can’t I sleep?” See, everything is not fixable, but there are things that are under your control. So, I can’t sleep properly and I want to know why I’m not able to get a peaceful sleep these days. Read more to find out.

4 days ago


Jo from Mount Roskill

Hi neighbours.
I work for cat rescue and have been looking after this Cali o female for a month now whilst looking for her home...

I am hoping that someone could copy and paste to the Avondale page as it's not included in my area (Mt Roskill)

She was originally found on Avondale road but as you know it is kitten season and I need to press on as needy kittens have started to come in.

Any leads or info would be great 👍🏻
Would also consider a local offer of foster :-)

Thank you
Jo Smythe

4 days ago


Kim Neighbourly Lead from Mount Roskill

Hi there,

Are there any gardeners out there ................
Could you please make contact with me?
I am seeking advice :-)