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1 hour ago

North arbor treez

Dave from Birkdale

Firewood delivered during Covid 19 14$ per bag of native hot mix no pine wood (only after Covid 19 lockdown is over for tree work sorry)
free no obligation quotes every Monday on all aspects of trees palm and hedge work as well as mulching and stump grinding on the north shore and west Auckland 20 years experience nzqa qualified fully insured phone Dave on 021711879 or 4821174 or 094868733 also firewood during the year if needed .cheers to all for your time

1 day ago

need help with covid-19 fase shields

Gabor from Bayview

Hi All,

I am currently 3d printing face shields for hospital/healthcare workers. I was able to source all materials and using my own filament to make the frames but I couldn't find elastics. Ideally I'd need buttonhole elastics for easy application (but any would do really) and removal and each shield requires 30-33cm of elastic to be adjustable and go over other PPE.

If you know where I can purchase several meters of the thing (width doesn't matter at this point) please let me know as it's out of stock in the stores or the stores don't operate, or you have some and willing to donate I'd be truly grateful. Unfortunately ordering it from overseas is not an option at the moment.

more info on the shields:

Thanks in advance,


1 day ago

Limes and Kaffir Lime leaves

Gemma from Glenfield

Hi everyone. Wondering if you have any of the above I wanted to make a thai green curry and these are the only ingredients I need. Just need 1 lime and few leaves. Of course willing to pay and pick up with no contact. Im in Glenfield