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Protest against the roll-out of 5G without adequate research on health effects

Michael from Bayview

Good morning neighbours in Bayview and nearby neighbourhoods,

We love our neighbourhoods. Above all, we want to keep them safe for ourselves and our loved ones. We pull together to safeguard against any threats to our safety. The 'Neighbourly' pages help us to do this, which is great. Most unwelcome threats are visible and obvious, but right now a looming threat to our health and well-being is unseen and slipping under the radar. I'm referring to the roll-out of 5G. The higher frequency radiation planned for 5G has not been well-researched for health effects on humans, wildlife and the environment. Our Ministry of Misinformation (aka Ministry of Health) is saying that existing research can be applied to 5G but this is a hugely unscientific assumption, given that the characteristics of the higher-frequency 5G radiation are markedly different from existing 3G, 4G and wi-fi.....and many independent studies have found adverse health effects from these frequencies too. Increasing numbers of New Zealanders are becoming aware of the 5G issue and demanding a Moratorium on the roll-out until thorough, independent research on health effects has been carried out. The next step in this campaign is a Protest in Auckland CBD (details attached) on Saturday January 25, as part of a National Day of Protest throughout NZ. This has been organised in support of the Global Day of Protest in more than 40 countries around the world. Your support would be greatly appreciated.

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Renovation mistakes you will want to avoid

Kiwi Self Storage - North Shore

With plenty of renovations happening around the Shore while the weather is good, we've pulled together some mistakes to try and avoid.

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What's On: North Shore Aglow

Marilyn from Hauraki

Experienced itinerant missionary and speaker, Denise Reid, brings inspiration and joy-filled hope for moving forward into 2020. All women welcome. A freewill offering taken towards expenses. Sorry no creche facility.
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Planning for a better Glenfield centre

Communication's Team from Kaipātiki Local Board

We want to hear your thoughts and ideas for improving Glenfield’s town centre.

We are working on a new plan that will guide future projects to make the town centre a great place to visit, work and live over the next 30 years.

Come talk to us at one of our drop-in events:

• 4.30pm-8pm, Thursday 20 February at the Glenfield Pool & Leisure Centre
• 9.30am-4pm, Saturday 22 February at Glenfield Mall
• 5.30pm-8pm, Sunday 23 February at the Glenfield Night Market

You can also provide your comments online here before 6 March 2020 - click here: bit.ly...