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Petition calling for mandatory desexing of companion animals and appointing an independent animal welfare commissioner

Karen from Cust

This petition www.change.org... is to help prevent the situation of abandoned or unwanted kittens and cats, dogs and puppies from happening in NZ and could save a great deal of animal suffering.
The introduction of mandatory de-sexing would immediately achieve this- with exemption for breeders etc.
It also asks for 'an independent Animal Welfare Commissioner to be appointed to urgently investigate the poor state of animal welfare in New Zealand, as well as set up, and oversee, an animal welfare collective of all stakeholders that include agencies and advocates, such as animal rescue organisations, animal advocates, MPI, SPCA and Local Government Councils'.

Could anyone who agrees please sign and share the petition as widely as possible... it has been wholeheartedly endorsed by our current foster kittens who are in the lengthy process of transitioning to life as companion kittens after being abandoned to fend for themselves...

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What's On: Free Family Evening

Theresa from Riccarton

Financial assistance information update for migrants and others. Games and entertaining activities for the children. Join your local library. Free pizza. Hosted by CAB North Canterbury, funded by Immigration NZ.
Free Family Evening
  • Rangiora Library
1 hour ago

Draught Proof your home with Exceed

Exceed - we fix windows & doors

Hi Neighbours,
Did you know that living in a cold house in winter can affect your health?
If house temperatures fall below 16°C, the risk of respiratory illness increases. This is because cold houses are also usually damp, which can lead to respiratory symptoms.

One of the simplest steps toward a warm home is to stop draughts and keep the heat inside your home.

If you want to learn how to minimize the risks or how to identify draughts on your windows and doors, read our blog post or give us a call on 0800 25 25 00


From Brent & Belinda

The Team at Exceed