Tauranga City Council

Community Organisation

Tauranga City Council
91 Willow Street
Tauranga 3110

Tauranga is a growing and vibrant city of over 111,000 people.  Our population has almost doubled in the last 20 years and by 2021 it is expected to reach 141,000. 

The city covers an area of 13,440 hectares.  The landscape is dominated by the volcanic cone of Mauao (Mount Maunganui), the harbour, long white beaches and the Kaimai mountain ranges to the west. 

Tauranga extends from Bethlehem in the north where there are significant new developments, to the new growth areas of Pyes Pa in the west and east to Papamoa and the new developments planned for Wairakei. 

Tauranga City Council is made up of two separate parts that work together for the benefit of the citizens who live here.

The first part is the Elected Members - consisting of a Mayor and ten councillors.  The elected members make decisions, on behalf of the citizens, to meet the needs of the entire Tauranga community.

The second part is the Organisation - (also 'the Council') - consisting of staff who provide the services and the facilities/projects - which deliver on the decisions made by the elected members.