Information you can share about Neighbourly

Want to tell your membership base about Neighbourly? Or looking for some information to share with other community groups?

Community Toolbox

Use these tools to make your experience on Neighbourly even better:

We are always here to help and would love you to contact us

You can also learn about us, and read our mission statement, manifesto, privacy and safety policies online.

If you want to send an email to your members yourself, take a look at the following example to get you started:

Dear [Member Name]

We are proud and excited to have joined and were hoping you might have a couple of minutes to take a look around and hopefully join Neighbourly too…

Neighbourly is a private neighbourhood website for our community. It’s completely free to use and is all about making our neighbourhood a safer, stronger and friendlier place to call home.

We’re currently communicating to existing members using our email newsletters and notice boards. However, we will now also be playing an active role on Neighbourly as we believe it’s an excellent resource to share important information online with our members including:

  • Building up the profile of our club/organisation
  • Discussing the issues that are important to us
  • Helping to grow our membership base with your fellow neighbours
  • Increasing the opportunities to interact with the community at large.
  • Sharing key resources online

For Neighbourly to be successful for us, we need our members to join too to enable us all to discuss and promote the club. Plus your neighbours can see this is something you are involved in and may like to join too!

As well as being able to communicating with us online, you’ll also be able to share and connect with your neighbours and your surrounding suburbs. Neighbourly is a place for us all to share community events, important crime and safety information, local council issues, recommendations for local services, and much more.

We would really like you to join us on Neighbourly. If you’d like to sign up please visit [include the URL invite for that member]. It will only take a couple of minutes.

Please help us build an even better [insert suburb] with Neighbourly.