Inviting your members to join Neighbourly

Neighbourly will be at its best if a cross section of the local community is active on the website.

Community Toolbox

Use these tools to make your experience on Neighbourly even better:

Community groups and organisations can help in this process by making your own members aware of the website, and encouraging them to join.

Inviting members to join Neighbourly is free and easy. Visit our invite page to read more.

Methods include:

  1. Via Email

    Through Neighbourly you can either choose an address book from a variety of email providers including Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or Facebook, or upload your own contacts file. You can easily send a message directly to your members that will include a simple and free invitation link.

    Or if you wish you can send your own email to your members and include a simple website URL link, unique to you, that can be found on the Invitation home page.

  2. Letters

    If you know the postal addresses of your members you can select these and we will send a free invitation request on your behalf.

  3. Printables

    You can print out a free flyer, poster, brochure or business card, that you can personalise, from our printables section and present to your members or display in a prominent location.