About Queenstown Sports Massage

Hello! I’m Michelle, Remedial Massage Therapist of 16 years who specialises in relieving your back, shoulder and neck pain.

Queenstown Sports Massage is for people who want to be pain free and get the most out of life. You deserve to be able to enjoy the active Queenstown lifestyle, I can help you.

Our Focus
Commonly pain in our body occurs from muscle imbalance as a result of tension, trauma or poor posture.

Our focus is to assess, relieve and prevent back, neck and shoulder pain enabling you to live your best life.

Our Areas of Expertise Include:
Work related overuse pain
Sports related overuse or injury pain
Relieving tension headaches
Improving posture for improved performance

We work with people who:
Want to be pain free
Stuck behind a desk all day
Want improved movement in their body
Regularly participate in one sided sports such as golf, snowboarding, tennis
Recovering from an injury

Ask yourself this – ‘Is having a healthy body a luxury or a priority?”