About Maxwell Clinic

At MaxWell Clinic we work within the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) model and apply it to our modern lifestyle. We consult with you taking a thorough current and historical health history enabling us to develop a clear TCM diagnosis and your own personalised individual treatment plan. We begin by targeting any of your acute conditions, such as pain first, and then focus our attention on treating the root cause of the complaint.

We provide various speciality treatments including acupuncture, cupping and moxa-bustion. Some of the most common conditions that we manage are pain relief, injury rehabilitation male and female fertility, insomnia, and anxiety.

Justin Dwen is an ACC Registered treatment provider of Acupuncture and is able to provide acupuncture and tuina (Chinese Therapeutic Massage) services under ACC. He is secretary of the New Zealand Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Society and is and on the academic advisory board of the New Zealand College of Chinese Medicine.