About dazzling paws dog grooming

At Dazzling paws we provide first-rate services for our clients and their owners.We provide professional grooming services to the highest standard of excellence. Our groomer is a professional with over 8 years of experience specializing in dog and cat grooming both overseas and New Zealand and more than 3 years full time experience in small animal medicine (Veterinarian Overseas). Furthermore, we are constantly updating our styles, equipment and procedures to the most current standards.

- Our salon is cage free, but not roam free. Pets are never allowed to wander or mingle with other pets. Each pet is secure in their own individual playpen or roam free at the back of our salon .Your pet will receive special attention the entire time they are with us in a safe and relaxing environment.

- Your pet safety is important to us, we do health assessment before grooming. We conduct intensive physical assessment and detailed interview with the owner to make sure that their pet is well and if they have any health issues that we need to give extra attention. We make sure that your pet is safe and healthy throughout the grooming process.

- We treat every pet with greatest care and concern. We conduct detailed interview regarding your pet's behavior, so that we can design the best grooming approach

- We only use high quality shampoo, conditioner and other top of the line hair products, customized to meet individual skin and coat requirement.