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    Curtain Clean specializes in cleaning all types of curtains, Roman blinds, Duet blinds and others.

    Cleaninfg & MOULD REMOVAL

    We are industry specialists in removing mould and mildew from curtains, drapes & blinds.

    Local Agent

    The Wash House. 37 Coutts Street, Kilbirnie,

    Curtain repairs.

    At Curtain Clean we can repair your curtains, replace the linings and alter the curtains.

    Ronman blinds

    We can do repairs to Roman blinds. We can add new roller rails to your Roman blinds.

    New or replacement Lining

    We replace old torn linings and can make you new linings or add an extra lining to your curtain.

    Fire Retading Fabrics.

    Many curtain materials are flameable . We can Treat them with flame resistant solution. Keep safe.


    If you are unable to get to an agent we can arrange to have your curtains couriered to us.

    More Info?

    See our website for more. www.curtainclean.co.nz
    Chat available during office hours.


    Happines is clean, fresh curtains.

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About Curtain Clean Wellington (The Wash House)

Curtain Clean specializes in cleaning all types of window treatments.

Looking for professional curtain cleaning for your curtains, drapes, and blinds? Curtain Clean is a leading name in delivering outstanding curtain cleaning services along with exceptional customer service over most of the North Island. 
We have been in business for over twenty years and have successfully served both residential and commercial clients.

Drapes, curtains, or blinds are something that you often miss while cleaning your home. But just like your carpets, these act as a filter absorbing smoke, dust, dirt, odour, and contaminants. These play a role in keeping the quality of your air unspoiled. Home cleaning methods are unable to properly clean curtains, drapes, and blinds.

With professional curtain and blind cleaning, we make your curtains and blinds hygienic, thereby saving you and your loved ones from health hazards.

Curtain Clean has agents in many area's. see here. www.curtainclean.co.nz...
Or give us a call today on 0800 5790501.

Caring for you curtains..