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New Year - new hobby!

Golf Warehouse

With NZ's largest range of golf equipment, golf balls, golf shoes, accessories, apparel and more... Golf Warehouse has got everything you need to get the most enjoyment out of your game this summer. Drop into one of our stores or visit us online and get free shipping with orders over $100. Check out our golfing range

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Roger Halls Sparkling Comedy Social Climbers

Roger Halls Sparkling Comedy Social Climbers

What do you call six women stranded on a mountain in the rain: ridiculous! Or you could call them social climbers … but just not to their faces! Once at the hut, not only do they unload their packs full of food, wine, and a souvenir rock; their hang-ups get unloaded as well.

Torrential rain and a flooded bridge keep them stranded for three days. What they get up to, to help pass the time, raises a few eyebrows and will have you laughing, tearing up and applauding enthusiastically as they bare all.

Of course, it’s not just souls that are exposed, there’s a little nudity, a cracking thunderstorm, explosions, screaming bloody murder, ghostly stories, a birthday celebration, a séance, a drunken party, confessions, meltdowns and revelations that will keep you and your friends entertained throughout.

Perfectly timed for your own social group’s ascent into summer, don’t miss this hilarious play when it comes to a town near you in November.

Buy tickets for Ashburton.

Buy tickets for Christchurch.
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Faulty smart meter to blame for $1100 power bill

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from The Press

Genesis Energy has admitted a faulty power meter is to blame for a Christchurch man receiving exorbitant electricity bills for 12 months.

Have you experienced any problems with smart meters or your power bill?

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Have you been bothered by magpies this spring?

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from The Press

Hundreds of Kiwis have been attacked by magpies since they were first introduced to New Zealand from Australia in the 1860s.

Each spring, aggressive male magpies defend their nests by swooping down and attacking pedestrians and cyclists.

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