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New Year - new hobby!

Golf Warehouse

With NZ's largest range of golf equipment, golf balls, golf shoes, accessories, apparel and more... Golf Warehouse has got everything you need to get the most enjoyment out of your game this summer. Drop into one of our stores or visit us online and get free shipping with orders over $100. Check out our golfing range

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3 days ago

ACC Invoices: Get it done online

The Team from ACC New Zealand

If you haven’t got it already, you’ll soon see your ACC invoice in your mailbox. 📬 Here’s a few things to help make sure you’ve got all the info you need:

🙂 A nifty guide to understanding your invoice: ➡ acc.nz...

🤔 Not sure why you received an invoice? ➡ acc.nz...

😶 Have some questions about your invoice? Ask Jules our new chatbot ➡ acc.nz... (and 🤖 Look for Jules’ chat icon 🗨 bottom right of the business pages.)

🙄 Need to pay your invoice? Do it online: ➡ acc.nz...
Get it done online

4 days ago

Poll: Vote for your favourite superhero movie!

Stuff Pix

Vote for your favourite Marvel Studios movie from Stuff Pix and enter to win 1 of 5 Ant-Man and the Wasp prize packs, including merchandise and cinema tickets.

Check out all the great superhero movies on stuffpix.co.nz/superhero-pix

Vote for your favourite superhero movie!
  • 9.3% Ant-Man
    9.3% Complete
  • 34.6% Thor Ragnarok
    34.6% Complete
  • 31.4% The Avengers
    31.4% Complete
  • 16.9% Iron Man
    16.9% Complete
  • 7.8% Doctor Strange
    7.8% Complete
1600 votes
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Do you need finance for a new car?

Geneva Finance

Do you have your heart set on a great new car but need finance to get it? We can sort your money fast and simply at a great rate. At Geneva Finance we are specialists in Car Finance and Loans and will guarantee you the best rate for your situation.

At any finance company, rates will vary depending on your situation but as we know car finance so well, we can match you with the best possible loan fast and you can also save heaps on insurance and fees.

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