Waikato Women's Refuge Te Whakaruruhau

Community Organisation

Waikato Women's Refuge Te Whakaruruhau
1190 Victoria Street
Hamilton 3200

Waikato Women's Refuge Te Whakaruruhau has been active in Hamilton for almost 30 years. Our team of experienced and compassionate advocates give support to families in Hamilton and surrounding districts who are suffering the impacts of family violence. Our agency operates with three teams to ensure every family gets the best care possible. The Crisis team work 24/7 and advocates call when the family is at its most vulnerable, immediately after a violent incident or they are ready to meet with anyone who has concerns about their own or a loved one's safety. Our Residential team provides accommodation and support at several safe houses in Hamilton where mothers and children can go when their safety is at risk. Our high-risk safe houses are staffed around the clock to provide the highest standard of care for the families who come to us for help. Our Community team support those families who wish to stay in their homes, working with them until the family is stabilised and no longer at risk. All our advocates support families to get they help they need, by arranging and accompanying them to appointments with medical and legal professionals, government agencies and other service organisations that can assist them in their journey to a violence-free and sustainable family life.