Roll Ball Federation of New Zealand Inc

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Roll Ball Federation of New Zealand Inc
18 Innswood Place
Rototuna North
Hamilton 3210

We are proud to introduce a new sport in the New Zealand called ROLL BALL which is originated from India. Roll Ball is the sport which is a combination of roller skates and basketball.Initially, the game was played in India and few other countries, but today the sport is played almost played in over 40 countries and still growing. We are pleased to introduce this sport in New Zealand.A year ago with the support of our people and school, we were able to participate in 2015 Roll Ball world cup which was held in India. We are committed to developing Roll Ball in the New Zealand. Roll Ball is not only the sport but also opportunity for the players to develop physical and mental discipline along with thrill and adventure. Currently, Roll Ball is played in Hamilton every Monday from 4-5 pm at Eastlink Sports Centre, 30 Old Farm RD, Hamilton. If you want to visit our training session or to try the sport for your player or team then, they are always welcome (the first session is absolutely free for every participant).

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