Road Traffic Accident Trauma Charitable Trust

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Road Traffic Accident Trauma Charitable Trust
351 Harewood Road
Christchurch 8053

The Road Traffic Accident Trauma Charitable Trust was founded in 2010 to provide education, counselling, advocacy and advice to assist those that have been affected by road traffic accident related anxiety, depression and trauma which is largely an unmet need in the community. This is the first Charitable Trust of its kind in New Zealand. In 2012 the Trust was fortunate to form a partnership with the Canterbury Charity Hospital. The Hospital provides the counselling services on behalf of the Trust. In 2017 the Hospital donated an office space to the Trust in their newly built Warner Mauger House at 351 Harewood Road, Christchurch. In 2016 the Trust organised New Zealand's first Road Accident Remembrance Day. The purpose of the event is to remember those that had passed away in the roads in the Canterbury Region, acknowledge the survivors, thank those involved in the post accident care and recovery, and to relay important road safety messages. The partners of the Road Accident Remembrance Day include Police, Fire and Emergency, St John, Canterbury Charity Hospital, Canterbury West Coast Air Rescue Trust, Canterbury District Health Board and New Zealand Transport Agency. In conjuction with the 2017 Road Accident Remembrance Day the Trust launched the Canterbury Road Trauma Awards.  As a direct result of the Road Traffic Accident Trauma Charitable Trust has worked with 80 families who have lost loved ones on our roads in Canterbury over the past two years as well as those in our community deeply impacted by road traffic related trauma.  If you know of anyone that may benefit from road trauma counselling services, Canterbury Road Trauma Awards, Road Accident Remembrance Day or would like to make a donation please contact Sarah Dean, Founder on 027 324 0918 or

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