Predator Free Ngaio

Community Organisation

Predator Free Ngaio is helping create a safe haven for our native birds as part of a western suburbs corridor linking us to the bird sanctuary at Zealandia. We began in 2016 and have rid the suburb and its bush reserves of more than 7000 rats and mice with the help of over 550 households. The birds and lizards are loving it! We're hearing and seeing kākā regularly, even the korimako (bellbird) which had been previously absent from Ngaio. And skinks are making a welcome return to some gardens. All good!

But we're a big suburb and still need more help. Would you like to be part of this bold bid to give our precious native wildlife a happy, safer existence? We'd love to hear from you! We're trapping rats and mice around our homes, gardens and surrounding bush. Some of the reserve trappers are also catching stoats and weasels. We’ll provide the trap. You just keep it baited and report back. (Reporting is super simple. You just hit reply to our fortnightly email and type the number of rats and / or mice). The traps are humane kill-traps in a wooden tunnel that keeps cats, dogs and kids out.

Please get in touch if you'd like to help our native birds and lizards survive and thrive!

Simply email your name and phone number to or phone: Marg Ogilvie 027 4060409