Peninsula Players Community Theatre

Community Organisation

Peninsula Players Community Theatre
1 Brightside Road
Stanmore Bay
Whangaparaoa 0932

Peninsula Players is about forty years old. It is a community group run completely by volunteers. It is a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing opportunities to people of all ages in our local community, to perform and develop skills related to music and theatre. All money raised is used for our current production and in paying our rent as we have not had our own premises for nearly five years and any profit made from fundraising, goes directly to the club. We always need people to help with many varied tasks as singing and dancing alone, do not make a show. Help backstage with scenery making, costumes, and prop making, and front-of-house is always required so if you want to be part of a show but not on stage, we can definitely find you a job! Students who participate receive a certificate at the end of the show that can be used in their resume or cv and we are always happy to provide references for any of our members. If you would like to join us or would like more information about Peninsula Players, please email