Our Seas Our Future

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Our Seas Our Future
New Zealand

Our Seas Our Future Charitable Trust is a 100% volunteer-run and non-profit marine conservation organisation based in Aotearoa.

With branches in Dunedin, Christchurch, Wellington, Hawke’s Bay, and Auckland, OSOF currently operates on a volunteer-driven model, focusing on coastal and marine conservation, environmental education, and community engagement projects.

The idea that gave rise to the OSOF initiative still drives us today; we are all stewards of our marine environment, and how we treat our environment now will shape the world we are living in tomorrow; the health of our seas is intertwined with our future.

Our Seas Our Future Charitable Trust and volunteers are passionate about protecting New Zealand’s coastal and marine environment. OSOF members come from a diverse range of backgrounds who share a common goal; to engage and work with local communities, groups and governing agencies to take an active role in protecting the coastal and marine environment.