Fire and Emergency New Zealand - Lower Hutt

Community Organisation

In the event of an emergency please contact 111

Fire And Emergency New Zealand Fire Service (FENZ) has a number of fire stations spread throughout the lower Hutt Valley, staffed by both professional and volunteer Firefighters. 

The nature of the emergencies that we attend are as varied as the people who call for us.  As Firefighters, we know that our various communities and neighbourhoods rely on us to be professionally prepared and capable to respond whenever we are called upon.

In the past year there were around 2000 incidents attended by the fire service in the lower Hutt Valley, but there's more to us than responding to emergencies; firefighters spend time helping our communities prevent unwanted fires through delivering education programmes, working with building owners and other community focused work.

This Neighbourly Community Organisation page has been set up so that the Firefighters of the lower Hutt Valley area can communicate directly with the neighbourhoods in which they work, and in some cases, live.  We intend to use this site to give you relevant fire safety messages, event information where the FENZ is represented, and to respond directly to any questions or queries that our communities may have regarding fire safety.

Please feel free to message us directly with any fire – related questions, queries, or comments.  As our stations are often un-manned and our Neighbourly Team work a rotating shift pattern, if we don’t get back to you immediately, please don’t be disheartened, we will get back to you as soon as possible.