New Zealand Companion Animal Register

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New Zealand Companion Animal Register
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New Zealand

The NZCAR is New Zealand’s most advanced dedicated lost pet repatriation system for microchipped and non-chipped animals and operates two websites.

Firstly for microchipped and registered animals. Access is available 24/7 online and also through our 0800 LOSTPET (567873) support line. A microchipped and registered pet is three times more likely to get home, and also get home quicker when found.

For non-chipped and unregistered animals we offer In partnership with Neighbourly and the leading companion animal welfare agencies, this is a site offering a range of free tools to help lost pets get home.

Combined these two sites offer New Zealand’s largest collection of technology and organisations working together to get lost pets home.

These services include:

  • our dedicated NZCAR Microchip Database with over half a million registered animals
  • A network of over 900 registered agents, including vets, SPCA, councils, rescues, shelters, pet shops and  affiliated organisations.
  • NZCAR support is available 24/7 online and also through our free 0800 LOSTPET (567873) line.
  • Scanner Angel - a smart network of microchip readers and software that notifies when a missing pet is scanned
  • Leading edge facial recognition software that can search and identify a found animal from hundreds of thousands of records in just a few minutes.
  • Free lost pet mapping tools at
  • Free Lost Pet poster generator using your listing details
  • Free notification of lost and found animal through the Neighbourly network.
  • Free listing of lost and found as well as animals for rehoming and adoption through the former network.
  • Free listing on social media pages.
  • Free local vet/spca/animal control finder tools

The NZCAR partners with leading New Zealand organisations including the NZVA, SPCA, NZIAM, Neighbourly and many more. The NZCAR is also a not for profit, and has helped raise over $3.5 million for use by animal charities and projects within New Zealand.