New Zealand Chinese Social Integration Movement

Community Organisation

New Zealand Chinese Social Integration Movement
103B Mellons Bay Road
Mellons Bay
Auckland 2014

To teach and explain the New Zealand culture and value to New Zealand Chinese, especially new Chinese immigrants, to help them getting involved into kiwi's social and political life.

Chinese people in NZ want to integrate into mainstream, but most of couldn't find a way, because there are hugs differences between Chinese and Kiwi cultures, especially in ideology and philosophy. So most of NZ Chinese don't understand local politics, are not active in charity activites, it doesn't means Chinese people have no warm hearts, they just need guides.

Chinese people need helps from teachers who are not just know teaching English language, but also understand this country's society and political system as well. That why I start a movement, and start a fundraising for it.I will try my best effort in my life to do so, i just need more people like me!

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