Mt Eden Tennis Club

Community Organisation

Mt Eden Tennis Club
22 Poronui Street
Mount Eden
Auckland 1024

Mt Eden Tennis Club has been a part of the Auckland tennis community since 1923. Situated by the memorial gates at the end of Poronui Street, the club has a picturesque setting surrounded by trees, our historic stone walls, and with a fantastic view of Mt Eden. We are an active club of about 300 members, fielding 6 senior interclub teams and 15 junior teams... as well as plenty of members who just play for fun! Great tennis coaching is a big part of the club. From beginners who want to learn, through to the competitive souls who want to polish up their game at a high level. Scheduled activities run most weekdays, beginning with our popular free adult group coaching on Mondays. Come try us out today... We'd love you to join us!