Love Soup, Whangarei

Community Organisation

Love Soup, Whangarei
22 Park Street
Hikurangi 0114

Mission Statement:

Feeding the hungry in Mind Body and Spirit...
We provide Free lunch snacks and supportive services in an atmosphere of acceptance and caring for those in need,
Including Collecting and Giving Items donated, Named the Koha Shed (Sharing Table) and a free community meal.
Treat our guests with dignity and love Encourage opportunities to learn, Serve, and Progress
Offer Social Support & Interaction in a Safe Environment

Vision Statement:

1. Love Soup envisions To provide lunches directly into schools  for our families who maybe struggling.

To Break the Stigma in many of our cultures and encourage them to open up and ask for help via thier childs school. For some families this kind of hardship is stressful and stress they don't need. I plan to lighten that stress and    break down the walls of pride and that feeling of embarrassment around this issue. No child should go without  education simply because they have no lunch.  Feeding our Tamariki so they may grow up to be Thrivers & Leaders for their future generations.

This movement will be monitered via the schools that are partisapating. It is totally confidentiality between the  staff and students and has nothing to do with me. This helps open up the awareness and prevents my movement being abused. My mission is to supply the packs and drop them off to the schools office or headmaster then it's job completed.  :)

2. Develop Diverse Partnerships

3. Feeding the hungry today and solving hunger tomorrow through community

4. To Grow throughout areas needed in Whangarei.

5. We seek to minimize waste and enable others to share their surplus, whether of food, clothes or other resources.

Goal Strategies:

1. Meeting immediate physical needs
provide a safe place to be
provide food & clothing

2. Changed lives:
provide skill development training
provide addictions and mental health recovery

3. Unity in diverse relationships:
provide opportunities to serve
develop diverse partnerships

4. Sustainable organization:
establish sustainable fundraising
provide staff and volunteer development
grow our physical infrastructure
develop healthy administration & governance

Major Goals:

1. To find a premises too be able to store and pack our weekly  contributions from before taken them into schools.
2. To Obtain a Registered Kitchen, so we can Provide Soups / Meals in and around Whangarei.
3. To plan a Charity Concert.
4. TO GROW!!