Kiwi Community Assistance (KCA)

Community Organisation

Kiwi Community Assistance (KCA)
5 Peterhouse Street
Wellington 5028

Kiwi Community Assistance (KCA) is a registered charity based in Grenada North Wellington that is run by volunteers. As a distribution hub to local schools, foodbanks and other charities we provide fresh produce, non perishable food, clothing, books, toys, through to household goods including furniture and whiteware to families in need in communities throughout Wellington

What we provide

  • Food that is rescued and donated
  • Clothing, shoes, books, school supplies, etc 
  • Whiteware and furniture in good working condition 

How we do it

  • 1 Collect donations from the drop off points
  • 2 Donations are sorted
  • 3 Agencies place orders
  • 4 Volunteers make up the orders
  • 5 Agencies take orders directly to the recipient

Please feel free to watch this TV1 Good Sorts video from 2 years ago, which eplains what we do and how we work with our partner agencies.



We accept donations of fresh, frozen and non-perishable foods.  We don't accept:-

  • Food that is past its ‘Use By’ or ‘Expiry’ date
  • Food in damaged or open packaging which may compromise food safety

To learn more about what we can and can't accept food wise please click on our website link below:-


Non-Food Goods

For a detailed list of what we do and don't accept, please click on our website link below:-


Drop off Points note that our cell phone is only manned Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 1pm.