Horizons Regional Council - Wanganui District

Community Organisation

Horizons Regional Council - Wanganui District

Horizons Regional Council manages the land, air, and water for the communities we serve.

Our roles include:

Managing our environment

Natural Resources Management

  • Maintaining and enhancing our Region’s land, water, air, coast and habitat protection

Keeping people safe

Civil Defence and Emergency Management

  • Leading the Regions response to natural disasters

Biosecurity and Biodiversity

  • Preserving our patch of native NZ

Catchment Management

  • Reducing the risk and impact of flooding

Regulatory and Strategic Management

  • Providing accurate information for resource consents

Getting people places

Transport Management

  • Leading our Region’s road, rail, public transport and total mobility planning.


The Tararua, Manawatu, Horowhenua, Rangitikei, Wanganui and Ruapehu districts and Palmerston North City are within our regional boundary, along with part of the Waitomo, Taupo and Stratford districts. 

Your city or district council is responsible for community services in your area, like road maintenance, libraries, land use and subdivisions. On the other hand we, your regional council, manage the natural resources in your area.

Some of these activities span across several city and district council boundary lines therefore Horizons works closely with other councils on some issues to ensure they are managed to benefit the whole region.

Our Council is made up of 12 elected Councillors who together decide on suitable plans and policies for the Region and then Executive Management Team decides how they can be implemented effectively.