Hoon Hay Community Association

Community Organisation

Hoon Hay Community Association
90 Hoon Hay Road
Hoon Hay
Christchurch 8025

In 2015 a group of neighbours who met via Facebook met at the Rowley Community Centre to set up a Residents Association to support our Hoon Hay Neighbourhood. As an interim committee, we have meet regularly and a) completed submissions to council about the proposed ward boundary changes b) decorated 90 Hoon Hay Road c) Hosted a picnic and carols at 90 Hoon Hay Road d) worked with council to ensure 90 Hoon Hay Road remained in the community e) Hosted a family picnic in March for Neighbours Weekend In April, 2016 over 40 local neighbours attended a public meeting where it was unanimous that our community needed a formal association. It was also unanimous that this was to be named the Hoon Hay Community Association. The aims of the association is to connect the community and share ideas and information.