Help Each Other Out Hibiscus Coast

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Help Each Other Out Hibiscus Coast
26 Carento Way
Stanmore Bay
Whangaparaoa 0932

It has been in my heart for quite some time to start a networking event where we can exchange our talents among each other and help each other out where we are good at, there are so many lonely people out there who just like to have company, others need a babysitter and there is a teenager or a grandma who would love to help out, others are good handy people but not good with many things to exchange.....and just help each other out without charging someone and doing it from the heart. As I am good and passionate in organizing things, I would love to take that role and connect people. We will have events at the RSA where we can meet each other and take it from there. So please don't hesitate and join the group, everybody is WELCOME!!!

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