Hearts & Minds (formerly known as Raeburn House)

Community Organisation

Hearts & Minds (formerly known as Raeburn House)
65 Pearn Crescent
Auckland 0627


Wellness in mind, body and spirit starts with a strong community and a sense of belonging. 

Hearts&Minds (formerly known as Raeburn House) is a primary mental health provider / community development organisation with a focus on mental wellbeing, community wellbeing and diversity. Underpinning our core focus is the desire to support better outcomes for all. Our services have been designed to meet diverse needs. Whilst our services are targeted to Auckland North we find ourselves delivering our training and mentoring across greater Auckland.


Healthy People — Connected Communities in Tamaki Makaurau / Auckland.


Connecting People — Building the Wellbeing of Communities.

Strategic Goals:

  • Innovative Leadership - Hearts&Minds will provide visionary leadership to support development of communities.
  • Community Engagement and Participation - Hearts&Minds will respond and align services to identified diverse communities’ needs.
  • Strategic Relationships - Hearts&Minds will develop and maintain positive relationships with key stakeholders.
  • Social Enterprise - Hearts&Minds will research and develop social enterprise initiatives to ensure sustainability of the organisation.
  • Ways to Wellbeing - Hearts&Minds will promote the use of “Ways to Wellbeing” as guiding principles within diverse communities.

How can we help you? 

Are you looking for support for your whanau or family? Have you recently immigrated to New Zealand and need help settling in? Maybe you’re interested in attending or organising a personal development workshop or training course? Do you need to access a support service but don’t know which one is right for you? We can help!