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Head2Head Charity
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The primary question we always ask at the Head2Head Charity, is how will what we do make a difference to the children in five years time as well as helping the kids today. There a vast number of amazing charities implementing wonderful initiatives to resolve issues today, but will they still be running those initiatives in five years time? The projects we look to implement are long term self sustainable projects which once implemented will not only give the kids today the pride of implementing said projects but will also serve to help kids years down the track and avoid the tribulations faced today by many young kiwis. Helping out with financial assistance to get ideas off the ground (ideas which have hopefully been thought up by kids) is one way we can help, but we also look to take a greater vested role in the projects to not only ensure they are launched successfully but ensure they are implemented in a sustainable way by offering advice and support to those running the project, be they kids, teachers, community volunteers etc.