Eastern Rocks Community Patrol Inc

Community Organisation

Eastern Rocks Community Patrol Inc
639 Evans Bay Parade
Wellington 6022

Our community patrol is a voluntary group of people giving some of their time and taking responsibility within their own community to help the Police make their community a safer environment in which to live. The Eastern Rocks Community Patrol is autonomous and is managed by a committee of our members. Members meet regularly for training and to discuss issues and opportunities. We are affiliated with Community Patrols of New Zealand. A condition of our affiliation to Community Patrols of New Zealand is that our patrol has the support and confidence of the Police and we have a police liaison officer (PLO) allocated to work with us. Our Community patrollers act as 'eyes and ears' for police. Patrolling our community in pairs, we note anything that could be suspicious and inform police immediately of incidents requiring urgent attention. We are currently fundraising to purchase a dedicated patrol car however at present our members donate the use of their vehicles, their time and fuel costs when patrolling. We usually go out on patrol once a month from 10.00 pm to 2.00 am or longer as required. Our PLO notifies us of suspicious activities and trouble spots they would like us to keep an eye on, as well as informing us of events occurring in the Eastern suburbs. All our members have signed a declaration of confidentiality and agreed to abide by a code of conduct prior to joining our patrol. All ERCP applicants are vetted by the Police before becoming patrol members and must complete a period of training (usually three months) where they work our senior patrollers. We would love to hear from you if you are interested in finding out more about becoming a Community Patroller. You can contact us at the Kilbirnie Community Policing Centre on (04) 387 7764