E Tu Elgin

Community Organisation

E Tu Elgin
630 Childers Road
Te Hapara
Gisborne 4010

On the 28th March 2007, 8 people of the Elgin, Gisborne Community under the declaration Act 1957 signed a declaration to establish a community board. This board declared its name to be E Tu Elgin Trust. The 8 members were Nona Gaskin (past Deputy Mayor of Gisborne), Hayley Anne Johnstone (Elgin resident), Tui Takarangi (Elgin resident and Elgin retailer), Jack Papuni (Elgin resident and kaumatua), Cheryl Morley, Joalla Banbury (Elgin resident), Nina Maraki (Elgin resident) and Joanne Moratu (Elgin resident).

Of the 8 original members, the only remaining is Tui Takarangi who is currently the business representative on the executive board. The Trust was established to facilitate the following five aims that have been specifically identified within the Trust Deed. It is these aims that the organisation is guided by. E Tu Elgin


Foster pride in our community, namely Elgin, and to enhance the spirit of the community. This aim was based on the hope that ETE would adopt pride back into the hearts of a suffering, struggling, poverty stricken community. It is, as it was since 2007, hoped that ETE would lift the spirits of our community members and to take pride in our community, each other and ourselves as individuals. Promote a hub and facilitate where necessary for the network of community groups and agencies. With this aim in mind it was with the intension of establishing a community hub to provide services where other networks would use the facilities to promote and provide their services to the Elgin community. Due to the high rated unemployment in the community, high crime rate and single parent and elderly living in the community the hub was aimed to provide a safe place for the residence to meet and socialise with each other.

Recognise and promote awareness of community issues and needs, taking an active role in the Elgin community. The above aim is one of, if not the most important. With the combination of high crime rate, domestic violence, unemployment there was a need to promote awareness of these concerns to the community. It was hoped that with the residents becoming familiar with what was happening in our community, this would draw them into taking an active stand to better the well-being and lives of the residents.

Carry out charitable activities that enhance the wellbeing of Elgin residents and their community. E Tu Elgin is a charitable organisation and therefore is reliant on voluntary supporters to enhance the Elgin residents and the community. This aim and the following highlights this factor and it is the deeds of the people's input that we are reminded of and that keeps our hope and goals going. To do any other act that is consistent with the charitable aims of the Trust.