Christchurch City Council

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Christchurch City Council
53 Hereford Street
Christchurch Central
Christchurch 8013

Located on the east coast of the South Island, Christchurch is a city of contrasts.

It is a place where its residents continue to enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle amidst a natural environment world-renowned for its beauty.

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Our Customer Call Centre is available 24 hours a day for all enquiries.

03 941 8999

0800 800 169 (Banks Peninsula residents)

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Christchurch City Council
Civic Offices
53 Hereford Street
Christchurch Central (view map)

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8.00am-5pm weekdays, except public holidays. 

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Our services desks are located throughout the city for your convenience, locate the service desk nearest to you with our interactive map.


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