Anam Cara Care Centre

Community Organisation

Anam Cara Care Centre
491 Plymouth Road
New Plymouth 4374

A community service being introduced into every province NZ wide 2017 to 2020 using live sounds of Reverie Harp, a new instrument purpose created to support the healing of heart & soul of any person experiencing crisis, trauma, loss and grief for any reason. Ideal for personal healing in the home or in facilities such as Hospice, Child Care, Support Groups, anywhere we as humans suffer a shattered heart and fractured soul. Public meetings introducing ACCC Reverie Harp Heart & Soul Healing as a community service are happening around every province of Aotearoa to ensure we support those most vulnerable in our communities to reduce mental unwellness and death by suicide primarily but not limited to. Anyone grieving can be supported back to wholehearted wellness and rejoin their community ready to move on with their lives.