Amy Adams - MP for Selwyn

Community Organisation

Amy Adams - MP for Selwyn
829 Main South Road
Christchurch 8042

I am proud to serve as your MP for Selwyn, a role I have held since 2008. Selwyn is a vibrant electorate with a rapidly growing population and an expanding economy that offers many exciting opportunities for the future. When I am out and about attending events in the electorate, I am always inspired by the many fantastic people I meet from all walks of life.

My ministerial responsibilities do mean that I am required to spend a lot of time in Wellington. However, if you live in the Selwyn electorate and have an issue I can help with or something that you think I should know about, please get in touch with my office in Templeton. They are my representatives in the electorate when I am away in Wellington and are able to advise you on the best course of action for your situation.