Alley Cat Brigade

Community Organisation

'Manawatu Alley Cat Trust' ' caring about the homeless & stray' 'Alley Cats is about 'desexing', stray and abandoned felines that live harsh homeless lives in many areas of our communities. . The kittens already borne of these strays are rescued, socialized and placed in good forever homes.

By supporting/facilitating/ the 'Welfare' and 'Management' of these abandoned and strays, and 'Rehoming'. where possible, it is a humane solution to addressing the growing problem of their increasing numbers. ...

The long term vision is, with able volunteers, to become an effective force across the whole Manawatu region. A Charitable Trust is in the throes of completion .... it will be headed up as 'Manawatu Alley Cat Trust' (not a society as yet) which will be the finance hub for helping as many stray, homeless, abandoned cats in the Manawatu District. Alley cat Brigade will remain as a facebk page for networking etc. The Principles remain the same, 'Desexing', (rehoming where possible), stray and abandoned felines and to rescue, rehome their kittens.

Whilst we are not a rescue shelter for cats I am hoping that appropriate funding will enable the rescuing of more kittens as we hear about them, to be placed in the hands of a few dedicated foster carers (whom support the Alley Cat principles of care) and will give them all the TLC and socializing they need, ready for their forever homes. Strays that have turned out to be abandoned and friendly ex pets are rehomed where possible. P.S...The Trust can only target and support homeless felines whom people have genuinely formed a relationship with (e.g feeding them) but not able to give then a home. The trust will assist them financially to have them desexed. and managed better i.e in terms of nutrition; vet care; euthanasia, when needed etc. Once that happens, most importantly there is no more breeding and some of these semi, unsocialized cats find their own homes in sympathetic households.

I personally would like to see the City Council working with Alley Cats to take an active and responsible role in the humane 'euthanasia' of feral cats that have no social contact with humans e.g dump cat etc. **I feel, it is a win, win situation.. especially because at the moment, nothing is happening ..only more cats are breeding out there , many are dumped and abandoned due to most often impoverishment which is increasing by the year. These animals fall through the cracks of the By Laws and the SPCA are not resourced properly to deal with this issue. A good 40 cats have been desexed since its beginnings in spring of 2015 so thats alot of feral kittens not been borne out there. Small beginnings, but one step at a time.

Looking for serious dedicated vollunteers to help with campaigning, I.T. Work, Fosterers, etc