All Heart NZ Charitable Trust

Community Organisation

All Heart NZ Charitable Trust
40c William Pickering Drive
Auckland 0632

All Heart NZ exists to support non-profit community groups and create sustainable charitable funding. This is achieved by providing a sustainability framework for corporate businesses to re-purpose their unwanted equipment. It is the sale, re-direction and re-purposing of these goods which supports the community and positively impacts Kiwi communities. In 2 years of operation, more than one million kgs of unwanted corporate items (1000 tonnes) have been saved from landfill and re-purposed by providing 192 truck loads of donated goods for 100 community groups, schools, churches, maraes, charities and NGO's, equivalent to $2,983,829 of funds saved or raised. Re-purposing unwanted corporate 'stuff' not only helps those in need but protects the environment too.