About Xennial Marketing

Recognising that most kiwi companies simply can’t afford to employ a Marketing Manager, I started Xennial to bridge that gap, providing growing companies with access to a Senior Marketing Head, without the extra headcount.

As your Virtual Marketing Officer or VMO, I direct your company’s marketing strategy and tactical activations to ensure what you’re doing makes sense and lines up to your firm’s overall business goals. Working with me, you’ll have affordable expert marketing support at hand to guide and assist you and ensure your business reaches its full marketing potential.

My approach is to first take some time to learn about your business and understand your marketing goals, your frustrations and what resources you have to work with. Through this I will determine how best to support you and what areas I can bring the most value to. This can be different for each business however I can tailor my support accordingly.

I’m an independent consultant. I don’t have any vested interest in pushing people towards any particular marketing activity and I will only make marketing recommendations that I believe will benefit your business.

My experience and capabilities cover everything you’d expect a modern marketing consultant to have. This includes a thorough understanding of Strategic Planning, Branding & Positioning, Website Design, Digital Advertising including Facebook and Google Ads, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media, Video Production and more.

I have an established network of trusted, specialist marketing services providers and can provide quotations for any design, development or advertising work if required.

I don’t believe in locking anyone into long term contracts. I want to guide and support your business for long enough so that meaningful change and improvement to your marketing occurs, however you can stop at any time without penalty.



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Xennial has all of the firepower you need to confidently go to market with a strong brand. Working in conjunction with my trusted marketing services providers that I have personally hand-picked, I can…