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  • Psychic Medium Readings

    $50 per 30 mins
    30 recommended for psychic, questions answered etc.
    60 mins rec for Loved Ones :)

    Psychic Development Class

    $15 - 2 hrs
    Community, tribe, meditation, learning to use your psychic connection and psychic tools.

    House Clearings/Blessings

    Koha only
    Join me, or a team, to help clear any negative energy or entities from your home. :) xxx

    Clair Senses Course

    $150 - 8 hrs
    Your Soul's communication, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience. claircognisance

    Reiki - Energy Healing

    $100 - 1 Hr
    Energy re-calibration for your body. Destress. Recharge.
    Reading adjacent if allowed

    Aromatouch - Oil Healing

    $100 - 1 hr
    Light massage on the back and feet, layering oils for all round wellness and support.

    Crystal Healing

    $100 - 1 hr
    Ancient Atlantean technology of crystal energy to balance your body - alignment.

    Beginner's Mediumship

    $150 8 hrs
    Learn how to use your clair senses to read for yourself & others face to face, or online.

    Reiki Attunement Level 1

    $150 8 hrs
    Learn to harness spiritually guided life force energy for healing yourself, and others

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372 days ago

Reiki Level One Attunement (Beginner's Reiki) by Qualified Reiki Master

Kim from Sounds Like Spirit - Psychic - Kim

I have ONE only spot left in my class this Sunday.

Cost is $150
Sunday 10am-5pm

Comfortable clothing
Please bring a Pot Luck Lunch
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I have ONE only spot left in my class this Sunday.

Cost is $150
Sunday 10am-5pm

Comfortable clothing
Please bring a Pot Luck Lunch

History of Reiki
Taught the modality
Practical experience
A manual so you can continue to practice
Reiki Attunement by a qualified Master

No drugs or alcohol 24 hours prior

Payment in advance to secure your place and course materials

Maximum of 4 student for maximum one on one attention
If more apply I will run another class
Small and Personal

Reiki Level I: The First Attunement

Reiki can be useful for almost everyone and in almost every situation that requires healing: The elderly, the young, even your fur babies!

Level I is an initiation into Reiki and is open to anyone.

No previous experience required.

Opening the energy channels on a physical level.

Allowing you to connect to the universal life force energy, which flows from the cosmos through the crown of your head and down to your heart and hands.

Self-Reiki is the focus of the Level.

Encouraging you to focus on practicing Reiki on yourself, healing yourself and working through your own obstacles to ensure you are living as optimally as you can, and to be as clear a channel as you can be. :)

Level I attunement is acheived in one single attunement on the day.

Many experience physical symptoms of energy in their palms after the first attunement — including tingling, coolness or heat.

This course also includes an overview of the history of Reiki, hand placements, and self and group practice.


Payments accepted via:

Paypal K E Mehlhopt toochic@outlook.com, or

ANZ 06 0829 0118449 00 Reference: Reiki and your surname

Cash prior to the day