About SkinElixir

Boutique style clinic owned by a mum of two gorgeous teenagers. We take pride in investing on your skins needs whether it's hair removal, acne in any form, pigmentation including melasma, vein removal, non surgical skin tightening, cosmetic tattooing or just simple indulging you in to a luxurious facial for an affordable price. We believe in relationships and take time to look after you. I believe in empowering women and equality. We represent few continents therefore understand your skin in a deep personal level. Personally I believe in looking after your skin from inside out. Therefore every product or treatment that I have introduced to the clinic have been carefully chosen and tried on my skin for at least six months before it reaches the clinic so I can genuinely guarantee the results most important health of your skin. I believe plant stem cells technology is the future and constantly research on finding out how it evolves. My team and I are truly passionate about helping people age gracefully and we would love to see you visiting us to see what we have to offer.
Much love