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    Scan item barcodes to easily add them to your list.

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    Share lists with family and friends so you can all add items, simultaneously.

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    View pictures of items so you can be sure you buy the right one every time.

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  • Shopaholic currently only supports iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

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About Shopaholic: NZ Grocery List App

Shopaholic is a free smart NZ grocery shopping list app that saves you time while you shop. Convert your paper shopping list on to your iPhone, and keep your family’s grocery shopping list in sync across all devices. Shopaholic helps you create organised lists of the items you need so you never forget anything.

With Shopaholic, you can:

• Scan product barcodes from our NZ database to quickly and easily add items to your list,
• Share your list with family and friends so you always have an up-to-date shopping list wherever you are,
• View product images from your list so you’ll never buy the wrong item,
• Categorise your items to make shopping quicker and easier,
• View and edit your lists from anywhere using your iPhone or iPad,
• Easily add items using Shopaholic's auto-fill feature, which remembers items you've previously added,
• Store multiple lists to organise everything, not just your shopping,
• Have your lists automatically and securely stored on the cloud so you can edit them from any device,
• Edit your lists with no internet using Shopaholic’s built-in offline sync.

Shopaholic is proudly designed & created in New Zealand, for New Zealanders.
Visit getshopaholic.web.app for more info about what Shopaholic can do for you.